Go to Google Play store and download Perfect Player IPTV

Please follow all 14 steps

1 – Open Perfect Player
2 – Go to Settings
3 – Now you are into Settings Page, Go to General
4 – Go to Playlist and enter Your URL and add by Name ALL Zim IPTV after you done click on OK
5 – Go to EPG
6 – Enter your EPG URL after you done click on OK
7 – Go back to your Settings Page and go to Playback
8 – Check ONLY change system volume
9 – Go back to your Settings Page and go to GUI

10 – Check ONLY Show channels as group folder

11 – Restart Perfect Player

12 – Now you see channels list on the left side

13 – Press left the button on the remote controller now you have all channels on group folder

14 – Go to any folder and enjoy to watch all channels

Setup instruction for a Samsung/LG Smart TV or Amazon Fire Stick. ZimIPTV service uses a media controller app called ‘Smart IPTV’, this app is free to use for a period of seven days, you will then be asked to make a one-time donation of $ 8.49  towards the Smart IPTV app development.

In order to check if your Samsung/LG Smart TV or Amazon Fire Stick is compatible with the ZimIPTV Service go to the Samsung or LG Smart TV app store screen and search for the ‘Smart IPTV’ app. If the app is not displayed on the main screen you may have to search for it in ‘All Apps’ or ‘Updates’.
Launch the ‘Smart IPTV’ app.
Make a note of the ‘MAC Address’ which is displayed on the screen.
Go to http://siptv.eu/mylist/ from any web browser.
Go to the section ‘Add external playlist links (URLs)’ and enter your ‘Mac’ address and the unique zimiptv subscription URL into the ‘Link’ field.
Ensure the ‘countries’ drop-down selection on ‘Various’.
Check in the ‘Keep online’ checkbox.
Click on the ‘Add Link’ button
Restart the ‘Smart IPTV’ app or TV.
In order to view channel groups, press the blue button on your remote control.
1 – Download Smart IPTV into your TV
( This is only for Samsung and LG Smart TV )

Go to your TV apps store
Search for Smart IPTV
Install Smart IPTV and open Smart IPTV
Now you can see your MAC address on the right side of your screen

2- Add channels into Smart IPTV

Go to www.siptv.eu/mylist/
Add your MAC and your M3U Subscription URL
Click on Add Link

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you offer refund?
    We always say that, if you are worried about the quality of our service, please buy a 24Hours IPTV Trial at 0$ and check it for 24 hours, and then if you feel that it's good enough, then try to buy your service from IPTVtune. Whatever, we offer a full refund within 3 days of your date of purchase. And we don't offer any refund for IPTV Trial Subscription. We hardly recommend you to test our service before purchase, so that we don't have to face any refund request as well.
  • Internet Speed                                         please use a speed test server below to test your internet connection, Do this few times through the day. This will give you a good idea of the overall internet speed available to you. A stable 10 Mbps is the minimum requirement.
  • A restart of your router may solve the problem
  • Please perform a restart on your equipment before making troubleshooting. Power off your router, pull the plug for 1 min and power on again. This will clear the cache from your router. Then turn your TV box or Smart TV off, pull the plug for 1 minute and turn and back on. This will clear out all the old cache settings from your router and device and should provide a fresh connection.
  • How does my subscription be activated?
    Subscription starting to be active from the moment you will receive your activation credentials in your e-mail or SMS. Example: Tatenda subscribed for 3 Months on February 1st at 11:55 PM and activation credentials were received February 2nd at 00:10 AM. Tatenda subscription is starting to be active from February 2nd, 00:10 AM for the next 3 months.
  • Methods of Payment?
    At the moment we currently take Ecocash (FCA) & Paypal and USD cash.