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Letterbook, LB-035

This letterbook covers the period December 1889-January 1890. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. Many of the letters relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll. There is also correspondence regarding ore milling, the purchase of mining properties, the mimeograph, and the phonoplex system. Several of the letters pertain to the use of batteries with the phonograph and phonoplex. Some of the documents deal with the payment of Edison’s taxes and other personal and financial matters. Included also are letters to the firm of Dyer & Seely about foreign and domestic patents. The front cover is labeled "Indexed General Letter Book T. A. Edison Orange N.J." The book contains 500 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 40 percent of the book has been filmed.

yshisreian SR

Devt, 9, IB3X%,

Levts Miller, Haq»,

Akron, Oho,

. ,

Dear Sirs~

With roference to your Letter of 4th instant to Mra Pa Mf 5

Wdison,. a been gation Grenat battery woulta: ahaver your purpse. tt. wl run the phonograph for ten or twelve ‘hours am is very

convenimt for trasspor tat jone.

Yours truly: a

Heviis Miller, eae,

bk x. roo n, Ohi Oe

My Dear Sirte

Rewdying to your letter of 30th ultdmo, re hative

to different mndes tor diving; the phonograph, Mre Edison saya

that he wil, shortly he able ito send yar a mater motor, in the

use of which yo will exper be ice none of the anmoyances ths “yor

compltin of.

Nece 9, 182.9,

Je; Langeloth, Esde, Preaident,

: The American Notal Company,

80 Wall st., Hew York ,

Dear Sibre

Mre: Udi son hae mturned to tho Lib oratory em several

conminicettons have: todn subrittad to hime He desiros m to ine

for yo that he will, Commiticate with you 2s early ag practicable,

Yours truly,

Major Sa Be Eaton,

‘20 Broadvuy,

‘Dew Girt


In reference? to the attacked corvospondence, Mire - Edison desires to license tho As Be Dick Company to wanufeeture

Mineo graphs in the Uniti Btates for export, fora nominal Yoyal- ~

‘ty, sey five conts on omh mec hino ,A8 one of tho considarutions

of the granting of this right, Mrs Kdison desires it to be stipu-

‘Gens. : :

lated that ng, Companies for the oxp Loitat ion of the Mimeograph ‘abroad gee to be Lorne, without his writt er consente Will yon

kindly draw up a memorandam of agroement, ard fornerd it to thw

‘Laboratorye , th

Yours ‘very truly A? wi

Tepes %

7 Ay.

oo Poa 7p

teat eee wa RTE Sere apne ntmmer ere



¥ .F

Wo ave all vexvy busy here ani it is ine Yours very truly,

Mr Edimn ims received yow letter of &th us to absent ourselves aven for a short times


Baltimovo, Md,


Hotel. xormort ,


§ 8 2 B ect # g g tay Bod Sy 8 3 . e § a ~~ a » s & FS} rod 4 5

to go duck shooting. Fe Z

practicable for

Doce 9, 89.


Ay By, de Frene, Beqey

Edison Gmorul Bleoti ic. Company, New York Citys

Dear Sirt-


Your lo ttor of 26th ultimd, in regazd to Women's Exchange Bxhibition, was submitted te Mire wai son imma at el upon his return to Orange Saturday Last. He says he cannot make an appro im wernt with you at Present to inspect the building,

as hoa has to wait until his agat, Mire Hamner, retuwns from Paris.

Yours truly, ro

yt } é

“Prsdave Sooratex ye

Dece 9, 1889, Mrs John Birkinb ine,-

Philaielphia, Pa,

Dear Birg~

Referring Turthor to you letter of 26¢h ultima, in regard to mines of the Phila, & Reading Coal & Iron Go., in Put~

nam Cou, Ne Ye, Mre Edison says, when you get tine come over to

Orange and bring with you all the mapa, dota &c. in regard to

this: ja operty, when he will digeuas the mtter with y Ue

Yours vary truly,


Privgto Secretar y,

Dece 10, ° 89,0


Je! I. Ge Clarke, HNsqe,

, .


: New York.

Dear Sirt~"

I beg to confirm the following telegran sent ya

to-day, in reply to your letter of 8th instant:-

"Will be glad to see you to-mrrow

afternoone Te As Eo"

, Yours truly, a a us. ai or ar i el Na


2 a = 3

Sf ; rs

: » sheer gE TReT tsa Aen eomtmere. es el ieee

Dece 10, 1880.

D., Ze Curtiss, Raq., Editor, THE SAGINAW EVENING JOURNAL,

Saginaw, Michigan <-

Roply to your esteemed favor of 26th ultimo has

beon delayed owing to the absence. of Mr. Rdison, who upon his re-

turn to tho Laboratory, read your sonminicat ion with meh interest. In reply he desires m +0 say that, the low tension current is used on the Edison system anys The Sprague Company uses Edison : dynamos, out useSthom for a moh higher tension. ‘Hy, Edign'ts article in the NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW was dirocted to danger to lite - not to fire. All telograph and telephone wires should

havo safety fuses, the sane as are used, in comnection with tele+

phones in all. large cities.

Dece, 10, 89,-

Edison Phonogreph Toy M'f'g. Gos,

95 Milk St+, BOSTON, Mass, .

Dea Sirst= : : F

The following list embodies all of Mr. Hdison's Us


Se Patmts covering his toy phonograph inventions, ani also in-

cludes the tw Petenta issued to Dr. Juoquesi=


No»«200,521 © February 19th, -1878 Noe 227,679 . : : ‘May 18th, 1880 No. ‘382, 418 . 5 May 8th, 1888.

Nos 382,462 May 8th, 1888

Ho. $83, ;290° * May end, 18s&

Noe 303,466 Nov. 27th, 1888 Noe 393, 967 ; : Dec. 4th, 1888 No. 395 966 Dec. 4th, 1888 No, 397,280 February Sth, 1889 No»~400;851 "a April 2, 1889

. No. ‘400 , 648 April 2, 1889

No, 400,647 - ; Apr #1 2, 1889.

Noe 400,646 . April. 2, 1889

No, 406, 576 July 9th, 1889,

VU of Gt edkae we All c lads covered by the above Patent fave bem included

in Spplicesions for Patents apa abroads It ae “ne well for

furnish yay with a cou ete Bet of thonoy rat ate.


Yours truly,

A MN eee

enemy emits Wot Ut Sistema AT mea LI EE

Deas 10, 1889,

George Wilton, Esq,, Socretary,

Chamber of Comncrce,

New York,

Dear Sirs-

rdge the roc olpt of Cortificate of

oO acknowl


I be

‘amber of Gomucree of tho State of Now York,

Membership in the ¢}

for which I am very mech obliged.

Yours vory truly,

Docs 10, 1889, The Hon, Seoretaries af THE GILBERT oLuues,

c/o Profy Sylvanus Thompson, LONDOW, Kngland.


Dew Sirst~


_Frolonod please Lind form duly oxeeuted by Mire’

Edison,’ signifying his desire to becom a momier of THE GILBERT CLUB. If there. are mny dues in comection with this organi=

zosion, kinily sond Mrs dion a memorundun of the vame, when

the will send you a check in settlenente


Yours vary truly,

Dec. 10, 80,

Mejor S. By Katon, 120 Broadway, Now Yark

My Dear Sirt~


With veference to you letter of 26th ultimo, in

Ye fra to Now York City Personal Tax, I beg to answer your ques


tions as Polors:+

(a) What menbers: of your family other than yourself lived ‘habitually at the Normandic fran the said October 14th _ to Februmy 3rd?


(b) If any of your Gidiaesi vere there, was it for the pur- pose of attending school? ; '

ANSWER « “Y @ Be

(0) At wint other places did you habitually sleep from the said October 14th to Pebruary 8rd?

ANSWER. Boston

(8) pia you maintain a home at’ Monlo Park after July 1st,85, mdifso, for hey loms'? Were any of your children living at that home fon. any part: of the. year bog im irg; July 1, 1885% Who, ax for how long? How often did yor’ sleep there after July 1, 18857

cement ttre ett

ae ,

iLy- ron

e pe o o 2 & > a7 i ® e = ~E “4 = Foon | & =. 3 st ss rt oH Ue} ° o ety

Yours very trv

wned house, cg,

February 24th, 1886, Inmediately after your marriage did you teke up you

residence at Ovesye?

0 What'was the






Messrs. Dyer & Secly,

Now York Gity, peice

Dem Sirsi«+

With roforenca to your letter of Oth instant, in

reyard to the invontion of Mr. Kennel ly oonalstin: in heatins the

plates or the solution or hoth for an cloetrice liptt meter, Mrs

Edison desires yar to take out this Fatente Mrs Kormelly assigns

it to Mre Edison individually, The former SAY that the anal ga=

mation of the moter plates while they are still hot, is a mtter of no importance, and it will not he recessary to apply for m

additdonel patort to cover ite

Nec, 10, 30.

Henry Villerd, Esqe,

Mills: Building, New York City.

Dear Sirt- :

Mare Edison is very nach obliged for your letter ‘of

Mh inebant, enclosing translation of an article which appeared

in a German paper conceming tho Gramnophonee Ho sys that this

machine was inmveited by a man in Washington md doesn't amount to


Pr4v.cho Secretar yo

Namen ae?

Decg 10, S94

As Qs! Rogers, Usqe, President’, Atlantic Publi ding & Engraving Company,

New York Olity, .

My Dear Sirt~

Mh,! Edison tas real your lettor of 27th ultimo,

and is vory nuch obliged for the offer which you make concerning

steel plate portraite This isto signify his acceptance of the

SENICe Tam sending y ai by this mail, under separate cover, a

large panel photograph giro which to mike the plate.

I rotyrn herewith proof of biographical mttor which is Oe Ke

Pray ‘ebhe Socrotar ya


,DCCe, 10, He .' b 4 =

a) -*O

Philip Se. Dyer',. ede,

Antwerp, Yolgium.

Dear Sirs~ i With yvefarence to your lotter of 16th ciLt imo, relative to Mrs Edison mking a dispay at the Rdinburgh pial thor; I beg to en@ose herevith copy of a Letter which I. have yanatved’ <Kom

Myre, Inswll.oh this subjent. © I have ‘discussed tho ratter With

Mr es -di Bon,‘and he does jiot feel inalinod to moke any exhibit at

Edinbw gh),

Private Secrotary.


Nov York, Novenber 20th, 12394

Ae Of Tato, Bsq.;

Dear Sirs~

I have your thy or of the “ith, and

netiwn you herewith My. Dyer 's lottor.

I thin:

it would be a big mistake for Mre Ndimih to mie any

oxhibit whatever at Edinburgh, Ne hag mde & tremendous show at

Paris, at a very gr

eat expense, and all tin credit thet can be attached to such a thing,

he has gotten. He could not ebtatn guy

tia ther Yeeognition by any exhibit at Rainburigh, neither

would 4 At

be. of any busincas assist aneo

$0 UB, furthermore, inasmich as

vould be iad as compared with the Paris exe

hibit, comparison

8 would be made to the actual injury of re Vdi~

ie - “the oxhibit there | Sonanl his business. _— |

I would vey

¥ mach like you to show him this letter’ when he reads Mre Dyer's,

‘Yours truly,



Doce 10,. 18894

Ne Ee Smith, Esq,

New Havon, Com,

My Dear Sirt~

Iam sorry thet there has bem Such a delay in furni ding you with msical eoderds Tor ymr mhonage cette I was under the inpression that the selo tions, of which you lott a Aist vhon lest at the diab oratory, ‘had alrondy boori forward ed #0 yous : am sondins yar none a dozen of first class meaonde,. in whieh tT havo dneludod ash of the Pieces mamed on your list as we Ind on hand, and tiiese yor will please’ accept with ry complix mats. © Tio other. seloctiors which ar desire’ wil bo forwardnd to you at fhe caorliest possible moniont «

Yours very wh,

ova rennatassitnin stains caicoArmhitticanssssent


My Dear King, -

I havo a letter from ir, Krous i in regard to


_your yr opo sed arrangemant fior coupling box, He ‘says ho is

hov'ing en ocperimont mde with the Junction Boxes used in our

underground system md upon completion of same he will conmuni-~

cate with me again. Inmed:iately I jear from hin will let yea

knoe :

very truly fa


Mre Ohase Ge Ye Xing; Polier House, TORONTO,


Je He Block, Esqe,

y ienna » Auntria,.


- .

; My Dear Sirte= Mire! Edison jis in receipt of you esteemed favor

under dtte 27th ultimoe fle also rec otved ‘your cablegram amoun- \

, .

ving the\snecess of the phonograph at Gatchino, which eaused him

- mach gratification. Ye desires m to say to you-that he will

have prepered at once a vory hand some machine, for the Ozar of

Russia, am will forward the sane to you at the carliost possible

i monent for presentation to Hits Majestye

ah a 3

‘aa gre

Very truly y

Dre Ay Ve Shaw, 2014 Wali Street,

Ste Uonis, Mo.

Dear Sirs -


Reply to yow esteaned favor of L7th ultimo hns boen

‘unavoidmly delayed until ‘nav, Lor tho reason that since its re-

Goipt Mr) Edison has beon absent am only returned to Orange a , few days agoe He says tint he would bo very ploased ¥o male 2 di splay of his inventions at: the Exhibition to bo held in Ste Louis mext year, but he is not at all suro that he could got his aymparatus toyethere It Jt is at all practicayle for him te nake

the desired oxhibit he will consider the mmttor further when the

timo comese

With reference to the attack mado upon Mre Miison by Mrw

Vhiyple, tho siatements nade by the latter gontleman are hardly’


worth contradic ings


Youn Very tinly,

Private Sogres ye

~e rae

Dece 1; 1960,

My Doay Master Hotimnns+

“Your very intoroest ing lotter urde date 24th Nov.anber hon beon duly -mcoived, and Mr. Fdicon read it with @ great Geul of pleasure, He was delighted to learn that you had nadie the ucquaintanece of the phonogreph, end the thet tint you Like it so vel cased him miugh Gras at ioptdons He is of the opinion Gs you will Limi the p: ‘henograph a very valuable adjum+t in your mained studies, and dowires mr to say to you ‘hae ho will have an - instrument specially prepared an send ‘i to: Borlin Lor precene: tation to yourseli, You will in notified ian it ig snore oui Nov. York °

When you next viclt tik United States you mist come out to

Orange and sco Mr. Fdisons He will bo very ple used to shov yor over his workshons and t0 1 litthe mm like yow who are so dinterons tod in geste seek phonomones, the visit. cowla not be other than ee du ct ive of mach pleasure to you. |

Wishing yGi the Compliments of tlm Season

I leg to remicn, yours very truly,


Mog ter Josef Yofmann. .

ot mas Ate Mtn nt sons iemeenee nt ai

Deoe ll, 1689.

Thonn s Butler, Regge, Sec'ye, N. J. & Pormaylvania Ooncentratin; Works, 4% Wall Ste, Now York,-

Dear Sirs~

I retwn herewith Gertfifeates representing $20,000

‘of tha Oapital Stoak of the New Jersey and Pemaylvania Concen=

trating Yorks, duly signed by Nr. Edimn as President, the sane

having. boon oncloved with your lotter of lOth instante


Those Av Edison, Cort. No. 8,33 Sheres -S. Ingull,dtf. 10, l0Shares

ou « 15,33 Ss * s 14, 1o Robt. Le Cutting *~ 9,55 He Me Livor™ 11,10 » 8 0 16,20 "He Me * ® 16,10 Chas sBatche lor ; 17,13 JeHutchinson 14, 2 We Se Porry - 22,10 . ve # 18, 2 We Se 8 15,10 | Ae 0, Tato: 13,-2 ee «=e Oe Tate = 17,2

is2 200

Deos 11, 1639,

George Es Holbrook, ¥aq., President, . New York Telegraph ‘Glub,

Now York City.

My Dear Sirs-

I beg to acknowledge the receipt of my Certifi-

cate of Nemborship in, the NEW YORK TRLEGRAPH OLUB, which Was

_handed to m upon my return to tha Lob ovatorye

The fact of my boing cleeted an Honorary Monber of your Associ ation, Ims caused i meh grat ification, and I apprecinte highly the compliment to nyself embodied in such act iome

Yours very truly,

J.B, Messoner, Comer, 150 Seccond Avome,

Ney York ditys

My Deay Sirze

Iwas very sorry not to havo keenable to comply


wi th your rvequost ‘to testify at meRD inquest, but my engagements

Were puch thet it was impossible for m to pet away, , I ‘suggested

Sending my Assistant, Mre Kennolly, and roceived & tologram from

you this Marine, invit ing him.to 60, but winn he resehed Now

York tho verdict had already heen dolivercd, I unterntand that tharo is- to bo another imuerst upon the

body of the mn Olsnen, killed & dey or Bo ago, and if the Goro~

ner in clarge of this case would like Me Kemolly to appear, bo-

, fare hin, the former ‘em go to New York at any time that he is ae notified. of. course he oxpescts no componsat ions ca if Yours very truly,



Sh die eas =. “ae

Dec, 12, 29.


va George Fy Barker,

3909, Thoeust Street,

Philagelphin, Pie

oe pitrou


I beg to econfirnt receipt of your tolegram of Uth inst,

a fohlow ; .

VES Sedgisy Ahi nat ae ane ot

"Gan Dixon ami myself see you Friday about air

braka? Ansvere Ge Fe Be*

In reply to which I wired vou to-day us Lollows?+

FAni Joing. avdy and will not bo baek vatil

fiesday texts Ts Ae ite”


To Whom £t Hay Goncorn y=

Tho bear a of this

letter, MRe De Mg YEOMANS, soon wbroad in tho interest of tho Edison Phonograzgh Toy Manutas tur ing Compan, of Poston, Us’ Sp’ As, a corporstion which is engyed in the salo of speaking dolls and toy figures, umler liconss from myself, This dompany Ims also the rigit to my inventions in tho same connection daring the next five years.

In landing this letter to khve Yoonnns, I Invo beon asized to way a word with velation to the commrdial aspeat of ‘tho Company's busino 85 e I cain say nore: than. tint L have full eonficance in its mqaeeune: The fiold which It covers isa “4ao Ou} the rarkot is already established; the novelties o: fared for ‘pale are pecns

liarly attractive ~ in inet, avery comition seas to be favorable to the growth ofa oo bu sinosi3e As the subject 4s ‘ona whioh can be: reeds ty uniieretood by any

yerson desirous of investigdting it, I wil Ps nothang further to

Dede W245 89,


Edison Phonograph Vovks,

Orange, Je

Dem Sirs-

I onelose horowith copy of a lettor under dete llth

instant, waich I rveecived this mruiny from tre Ever ott Prasar., containing direetions in regard to. s ipne mt. of new spectucile ate

ta clmouts intonded for Japan oni Shanghac, formal ore for ahieh

I sont you December ord ant wrote yeu th vollat doa thavet o same dat on

Please cary out Myre Pragzerts instructions in rogurd to these.ami

expedite their chipment as meh as possible.

Very trily yvours,

York, Dea, 11, 13800 -

Aw Oe Tate, Hage, ae :

Dear Sirse

In veply to you favor of 8rd “instant. ,

To shall be obli eed if yor vill’ gang to my offiee in ono ox-marked Fre

EA é Cosy Yokohuna, Be Pe We #1, the

9 new spectnele attreehe

ments intonded for Jepan, amt in unother ori l. box marked ‘Pragar

& Gey, Simnghac, Be Pe We #1, the threo mw apectacles Lor the:

horse, I world ike these 25 goo as possible, Please whkso dct Paes

me know hor soon the four sragen

tation phonus will pe ready ani

Iwill give you instructions in vegard to markings: same,

T hope to ve “elva a sei of nose of parts taken out by rite

A Chivchill wie eh you say huevo

Now boen changed, together with the prices of the difforen: Farts,


being rogwired in Japan and chin L

for veplucasent &cd.

Your prompt attontion to the hove, as I

am yressed by cals mail tor Same, will oveatly oblige

Yours very truly,

(Signed ) EVERETT FRAZAR. ,”

Decw 12, BBG

tio Morris ture & Ame Bx, Coe, L't'a,, 18 & 20 Brongnay , New York Oity. Dear Siri +

Your davoyv of? loth instant, notifyin: m of tho are

rival of the ceaes addroused to mgnelL, containing murblo Basin dtc, bY Se Se "Zo Norrandie,* arom Havre, nin request ing io to send y dr invoieec ppeed fy dare enti &Ce, is duly ot inmy,’

I have recsived ‘ho imvotue of thin Statue, and tho only vori« fheut lon. am te tts value vith whieh Loan Manish you, is-tho origins. sérlegram, Banoure ing ti poratac, recetvak by ne Brom my gent in Paris, Wre We Je letter, ond wiiol I attach kreto.

As stetod in the esylesram ra fayrog toy tle trfoe mits fav Statue

. ¢

was of shty=tive ‘hundred francs’,

Yours véry truly,


ee eee A) ie

‘Does. 12, 8.

Bonje F,. Stevons, Ende;


New Wnglani Matysl life Inveranee’ Coe,

BOSTON, Mags :

Doar Sirs "Os r

. PAS ee es Min yaa ,

Lollewing teleynan sent you this

« ¢ : 2 vt

4 ,

eo rhe I der to.confirn the

MO XT yy f=

“As it 18 impossible 40 Beriish Yooncus we thr. copies of Muropean ro tects , I owe sosest equipping; him with & Full set of United Staten patents, undar eres tay 4h rrotected am cAieh :

ombody all. the cheins in Eutezvan yatenta, 1

have a sve 3 Sen give hime Fiouse reply. AeQuTn®

Yoars tmly,

| |

Dear Mr, Stovens,=


t eontirm “Lnoutare & telogran. sont you this morimings I haye 2 ttt set ot tho penta ‘a hee toy adv ludin the tvo Faces patohts, All the clots contadued in these paren

have ken anzediad h patonts ahd apy Lie atdons alirond, 212 ef whict:

cen ke verified ot th pr oper Gs Meanwhile, Iwi armnee to

ae \"

obtain a list of these pat ents wid oly TI kave not got at present. Mr. Edison ig pSher pathnte in Tar ope were taken out by Cel, Gouraud,

\ the is at resort in Anerion, I Loar tint durin; his ansence frem

- London, it will be aifnlentt to obtain a coxront record, yo I ten,

wting. to his Lendon of Rae for euch infornation on the wohj oct

as it is possible to ote “I wid Bivo Mr. Yroens ao Latter to

tho Mam cor of Col, Count wi" of Meo In Lonion, which amy tae

‘the dffeet of Foot ta tiny rather, I enclose copy ofa letter

whieh ns boon forvierded te Mie: Yoon m ard which I Shenk anodes

your faons

Yours vory truly, :

Benj. Fy Sievers, Hage

Edison Phonoyrarh Works,

: QOrangea, Hee

Dom Sirss- . :


When Gol, Gouraud was here tho othe diy, he said be desired ten (10) phonographs, pdeked in sots of twos, %o be sip ped 88 early as possible. He said that. ho wuld confirm this ver~

bal ordor by writing me a. Lettor, which I. Lave not. yet macivedes When this lott rea ches nme I will send yor a form order for

iss these machines,

Yours very




of sovins


+ ee

compl. a


wo Mr, Bai on covering h




od be 1 Fd we que


of United States Pat enty in scomect

in this set the two 7


( dam kh ke whch

f th Nao

7 hie bh. PE





x Woy

Vi | ae V

i Irre: Ode Ce pov pe A 10Q,


RP bctre A) ov delle,

fu tuclarc


7 ie Y bee aud.

De® Sirs-

Docy 12, 1889,

Ag Me Brooks, Raq, ks

Acting Suporintmdent. Foreign Mails,

Pe 0. Dep'te, WASHINGTON, De Ov


Mr¢ Edison has read your letter No. 88,628 Ger,, weer

date 10th instant, ani las instructed me to say in reply that, he

regrets very much the delay which hes occurred in furnishing the

Postal Administration of Germany with a phonogyaph,: whieh thoy de=

sire to acquire for.thoir Imperial Postal Muscum, and,to inform

you that he hes to-day sent en order to his Metory (Haison Phono~

gvaph Wouks ), to ship at the earliest possible momnt 7) the Post

Office Department at Washington, Office of Poroign Mails, for.

transmission to the Imperial German Post Office, Borlin, two (2) of the latest type of phonogilapho, convlebe, with a sap ly of the’. necessary renevol parts, also fifty (50) msi we cylindars ant one Iamnared am fifty (150) ‘blank phonoriams, all of whieh he desires

to yresent to the Postel Aca c:tration of Germany, of whose ine

terest iv Drieations he ifs the

pa dunented af yor will ‘indly convey to the

German Postal Authomtics his thanks for the eatelesue and pamphlet

A. Me Be

Yours very truly,

which accompanied your communication under r@ly.

Private Secrotary.