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Edison General File Series 1915. Chemicals (E-15-18) October

Oct. 1st. 1915.

Messrs. Merck & Company, 45 Park Place,

Hew York City.


Replying to your favor requesting quotations on various items, X teg to quote you as follows:.

Red Oxide Iron C. P., 16 cents per pound Iron by Hydrogen C. P. Grade 4, 28 I/g cents por pound ■t .i n c. P. " B, 29 oents per pound Mercury Oxide, 1.79 cents per pound.

The iron products are made from speoial Swedish iron, triple crystallized. All these ohemioals are of peat purity, as your tests will show. It 1b necessary in our business to have them very pure, otherwise they could be manufactured at a muck lower urioe, but we do not oare.to make any cheaper grades.

As to delivery, we could furnish as follows:

About 5,000 pounds per " 3,500 " "

" 1,500 n "

week of Red Oxide Iron>

" " iron by Hydrogen.

" " Oxide of Moroury.

later on we may not bo able to sell this quantity.

We will give you prioes of Cobalt Sulphate. and Hydrate later on. In regard to Aoetanilid, we cannot sper® any, as we use it all oursplves. As to Uiokel, our contracts prevent ub from selling to' outside parties.

Yours very truly,


iKiSru-^. Jr>p{« -

jU( aL<J~4 .+***&:&* ^

.Mu^TZaU^L*^* U I j. _iU*U.aXLfc*. ^aCSMrsM^j 6w «W.

. /U«L^ ^

_ ^K>>-C| y-\<-u2sCJ d-rf'-P- ^w2-

A^V<-v</Lc-o ~r< . 7 ■"'

y. dr ----- -

LlX. 6 ^ jm*.

^ <*£■

-<s-6 ^


<4—. I S^d.

(,-rfc 'U^f 6-fe

,-U?-»d* $>, OiJ Ctj^iph^fty



Oot. lBt. 1916.

"ha yrinfc laboratories,

Lancaster, Ohio.


Your favor of the 27th ultimo has been received, and in reply I beg to say that wo are producing Solvent Naphtha at our Benzol Plant at '7oodwara, Ala., and Bhall have pome for sale. The price will be .15/5 per gallon in small quantities, auoh as a arum of 110 gal¬ lons. In large quantities we quote 30/5 per gal¬ lon. Brume extra, The pfioe is F." 0. B. ?.’ood- wara, Ala., and quotation is subject to the material being unsold upon hearing from you.

Yours very truly.

Assistant to Ur. Edison.

Oct. let.


Mr. John J. Caine,

1413 North American Bldg., Philadelphia , Pa.

Boar Sir:

Replying to your favor of the 27th ultimo, we heg to any that wo would have no U8o for the caat iron product you mention. We only use cast iron borings' in manufacturing Aniline Oil.

Yours very truly.

ESiBon laboratory.


SUBJECT- Monthly ooat and accounting statement.

RESULT WANTED BY- A3 BOO Ti aa possible.

FOLLOW-UP - BY - l£f. Opdyke. _

Confirming our conversation, and in

3 advios entirely at the disposition of Mr. Opdylca.

It v^Ra my alrioore nope that aa the

able1 to° render OpdykS ttot°£r“ opdyke will

babble to place in a. ai3oa's handa, mttly ooat and accounting statements for the month of Ootober, 19U5.

id ahing you ovary 3ucce33 in thl3 new lino of work, I remain,

a. B. Mambort, iif flo tanoy^Sngineer.

Mcaara. Edison, Wilson, Berggron, mrry Millar and Kommerhoff.

Form 1203.

Woodavcakd Iron Company / d


Eeor Kr, Edison:

October 1, 191?.

T^ZTJ^^ (—

I sired you this morning ee^foUows:^ ^ ^ X-JXU U)cAr»^ 0 ‘"l

"Your message thirtie^r We are] furnishing your plant with y more water than contract oallo for. We have spent fifty thousand o-» J

dollars in an effort to get additional water and hope to obtain an , Tjw

adequate supply. Heavy drouth has out down supply of mine water and -Co- failure of pipe in spring line has caused delays. We have ®v^y disposition to make your plant entirely successful.,. Writing.

, \fU W- ^n\*7 H ***w

which 1 now beg to confirm. ^ 1

I hove looked into thie matifr Carefully since my return home. The water situation ie unquestionably bad; at the seme time, you must recall that your original estimate of the water required was entirely too low. There have been very few days on which we hove not furnished your plant with 250,000 gallons of water, but this will not fill the bill and we have, gone to very °oneideroble expense in the matter of pipe lines, pumps, etc., to supply the necessary water. 1 am giving thie matter my personal attention end I feel quite sure that we can better conditions at an early dote.

I have also taken up the question of gee analysis. I think we can improve this too, but you must not regard the Hoppers people os being infallible. They are very good frienda of oure end our business dealings with them as a whole have been very »aU sf ec- tory; at the same time, the Hoppers people failed to comply witn oertain provisions of thair contract and they have fallen far short in their estimate of amnonium sulphate. They make mistakes bb well ss the reat of us and it seems to me entirely possible that they have overestimated the amount of toluol in our gas. I that I will do everything 1 personally can to help this situation out also.

I want to take oooasion to thank you for the very pleasant afternoon spent at your works in orange and to say toyouthatwe look forward to your prospective visit to Woodward with great pleasure.

With kindest regards, I am,

Yours truly,



Mr. W. H. Meadowordft,

Edison Laboratory,

Orange, II. J

Hew York, October 1, 1915.


Dear Mr. Meadoworoft: ^-0^' -s

Will you ask Mr. Edison if he is in a position to^gjlow the use of his synthetic carbolic acid process in England. My representative Mr. Arthur H. Lymn, a distinguished chemical and gas engineer would like to arrange to handle it over there. I shall bo glad if you will let me know this At your earliest opportunity.

With kindest regards, I am.


October 1, 1915,


Thomas A. Edison, Inc.,

Orange, N. J.


OUR FIRE "FLM". I am in the market for a oarload of Flaked or Crushed Napthalene, for delivery at Gibbstown, N. J, by the 34th of this’ month.

Kindly quote me your lowest price on same.

Yours very truly.

A^r faWS bnu d~*+***~ one. i*r*3<

u>»«| *

o^cL* .


Oot. End. 1915.

i!r. C. W. Markus, purohaBing Agent,

Eastman Kodak' Company,

Rochester, H. Y.

Dear Sir:

I reoeived your telegram and also your letter of the 30th ultimo in regard to Carbolio Acid Crystals.

In reply I beg to bay that we can let you have one drum per week as long as we can spare it. If it possible to let you have more we will gladly do so. Che prioe will be $1.00 per pound F. 0. B. Silver lake, H. J. , drums extra to be credited if returned within sixty days in good conditions, freight prepaid. You may roly on our doing the best that we possibly

Yours very truly.

Assistant to Mr. EdiBon.

Mr. E. W. Clarke, Chief Engineer, Cambria Steel Company, Johnstown, Pa.

Oot. 4th. .1915.

My dear Mr. Clarke:

We are forwarding you herewith two blue prints A-6022 which show the proposed naphthaline Sublimer. My estimates are that thiB arrangement Bhould make about 300 pounds of flake white naphthaline per day. Possibly in the winter it will do still more.

This iB to confirm my tentative understanding with you|that the Cambria Steel Company will ereot this and we are. to have the privilege of using it in conjunction with you in subliming our Naphthaline.

We have made a lot of inquiries as to market for . naphthaline and would suggest that you take it up with the American Oil & Supply Company, 52 Lafayette Street, Hewark, H. J. I presume that you will get about 12j{ per pound for the flake.

As this apparatus is comparatively inexpensive the naphthaline will bring in quite a little inoome.

The method of operating is to charge the pan near¬ ly full of your orude, turn steam into the coils whioh will melt this and cause it to vaporise and $low over into the corrugated iron build¬ ing where it is chilled by a radiation of the iron and crystallizes as flakes an the roof, walls and floor. This is then barrelled in ' ordinary barrels and ready for shipment. At least that is the way we are handling it at our other plant.

Yours very truly.

Oot. 4th. 1915.

Mitsui & Company, limited,

.25 Madia on Avenue,

Hew York City. Attention of Mr. Shanzo Takaki.

Bear Sir:

Your favor of the 30th ultimo for attention of Mr. Miller was handed hjr me to Mr. Edison, who requests mo to call your atten¬ tion to the faot that the bill for $8,864.82 is largely made up of freight bills. You will notice ‘.hat we have put in an extra still to increase the output.

Mr. Edison is afraid that you have misunderstood him to guarantee that the construction expense would not exceed §58,000.00, but when he stated that the plant would cost about §58,000.00, it was not hiB intention to guarantee that it should not exoeed that sum. You will remember that at the time he expressed himself as being uncertain as to the exact cost of construction, and intended that the §50,000.00 should be the expression of an approximate amount.

You will kindly bear in mind that the extra still wbb put in to inoreose the production.

Yours very, truly.

Assistant to Mr. Edison.



AWAtmCAt AMO TECHNICAL PURPOSES. cable »doress"desabrioo“nsw


Hew York, Oct. 6, 1915,

Mr. W . H . Meadoweroft, Edison Laboratory ,

: orange, N. J*

During the Chemical expos Palace, you witnessed a denonstri Bureau of Mines booth and we senl days ago.

Why not get those of your company together who ove

interested^n mechanical respiration, and let us demonstrate

to them at their convenience?

Procrastination is the thief of. life.

' Don’t' assume that because you. have never had a case of asphyxiation > tiiat you may never have one .

' If you are: equipped- with "the Lungmotor you wiil be

enabled to" cope with any enuuergency of this kind successfully. Some advantages of , the Lungmotor are:

1st - Protection to your employes. - .

2nd - Satisfaction that you have done all in your power to conserve the lives of those in your employ.

3rd - You will incurr less expense for loos ot me- One life saved means that you have save.d your company more than three thousand .dollars. '

, There are many other, reasons, why you. should, have Lunsnotors, which we will be pleased to tell you about, should

'• you grant us permission to- demonstrate .

^ Let” us hear from you regarding a demonstration. /

, - . "Yours-. very, truly, : '

. . litf. ^nj^EEViciiS company.

12 NY H 79 NL y 0








"Woodward Iron Compantt Woodwam), Alabama.

Mr. Thomas A. Edison,

Orange, N. J.

Dear Mr. Edison:

I have been giving the benzol propoeition a good deal of personal attention lately end I have come to the conclusion thert there is something radioelly wcng at this plant that we do not know anything about. The water situation has been very much improved over what it waa last summer end yet your plant is not making as much benzol as it was before. On yesterday the water conditions were perfect in that there was an ample supply and none of it ran higher in temperature than 68 degrees Fahrenheit, but your plant produced only 1,600 gallons.

I find that there is a great difference in the specifio grav¬ ity of your strow oil Bnd the newer straw oil in our tanks. In addi¬ tion to that, there has been no analysis of the return gas since the 5th of September.

Would it not be possible for you to send someone down here who oould go into these matters thoroughly and find out Just what the trouble isj

Awaiting your reply, I am,

Yours truly,



(<Ss$?skM/ €&amam* Commmw


OotobernYth, 1915

S} OOtODern'M

JjO !%>r

Mr.Win.F. Hoffmann ,

52 Hafayette St.f Hewark.M. J.

Hear Mr. Hoffmann: -

Enclosed please find letter fA»m my ^ *&.■***#

friend Prof .H.P. Talbot, with copy of my reply .When |

at the Chemical Exposition I introduced Prof. Talhot to Mrs .Edison, when she told him that fhe J[*as 6°ing to Bend her boy or boys to the Institute the coming winter. Will you not kindly take the matter up with her or Mr.Meadowcroft and see that Talbot gets the give gallons of Aniline Oil, charging whatever is right therefor. Please lot me know what the outcome of this, as I value Talbot highly and want to help him out.

Yours very truly.




October 6, 1915.

Mr. I. J. Parker,

25 Broad St.,

' New York, N. Y.

My dear Mr. Parker:

We are having considerable difficulty in getting aniline for use in connection with our instruotional work in the laboratories. We have been obliged to make certain changes in the materials used on account of the prevailing conditions, and had hoped to substitute aniline for some other organio chemicals, but so far we have not succeeded in getting what we desire. We have been informed that

possibly the General Chemical Company could help us out by letting us purchase five gallons. I venture to trouble

you regarding this matter, rather than to write directly


to the sales department, as the amount is so small/I suppose they would hardly care to bother with it.

It will be a real kindness to us if this can be arranged, and I shall appreciate greatly any attention that you may give to it.

Very truly yours,


October 7th, 1915

Prof. H.P. Talbot,

Bept. of Chemistry & Chemloal Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass.

My dear Prof. Talbot: -

I have your letter of the 6th inst. with referenoe to Aniline . In reply I want to tell you that while we are large manufacture rs of the produot wo oennot turn out enoughto fill our oontracts, and we therefore do not want to sell even as Bmall a quantity as five gallons, much, as I would like to help you out. However, I will see that you get the five gallons, as our mutual friend, Ur. Thomas A. Edison, 1b manufacturing the produot and I will interest -Urs.EdiBon in seeing that you obtain it, as you no doubt will have hor boys with you during this winter or there¬ after.

let me say that in oommeroe the produot is known as Aniline Oil, and dealers would not know what you mean by Aniline.

With kindest regards and asking you to call on me at any time I oan be of any assist¬ ance, I am.

Yours very truly.

o o Mr. 3?F. Hoffmann TJP/S

Oot. 8th. 1915

Dr. Charles Baskerville,

140th Street and Convent Avenue,

Hew York City.

Dear Dr. Baskerville :

Your favor of the 1st instant was reoeived, and I showed it to Hr. Edison.

He says he would not care to allow the use of his Synthetic Carbolic Aoid process in England, as any suah arrangement would add to his personal burden, whloh are already too large.

With kind regards, I remain.

Yours very truly.

Oct. Oth. 1915.

Your .Files "FLM" .


F. LaMotte, Asst. Pur oha Bing Agent, 2. I.. Dupont ae Nemours & Gorapnny, •.Vilmington, Dal.

Door Sir:

Replying to your favor of the first instant, Mr. iidiaon requoets us to say that we have sola our Naphthaline from one of our Plants to the American Oil a Supply Company, Newark, H. J.; also that we are erecting a refining plant at another works, hut at present cannot state

quantity or price.

Yours very truly,

Edison Laboratory.

Jot. 8th. 1915.

2he David Kaufman & Sons Co.,

Port Avenue, Seoond and Third StB., Elizabethport, H. J.


Beferring to your favor of the 27th ultimo to Ur. Opdylce , I presume it is now understood that the first sixty (60) tons per month of Iron Borings that you de¬ livered are to .he charged at $15.00, and the other forty (40) tons^por month at $20.00.

We trust that this arrangement is

all right.

your 8 very truly.

Uct. Oth. 1915.

Munster, Simms & Company, ltd., 7 Albert Sauare,

Belfast, Ireland.


I am in receipt of your favor of the 18th ultimo in re¬ gard to Benzol.

In reply lot me say that we are using in our own manu¬ facturers all the Benzol that we produce, bo Bides a considerable quantity that we purchase in addition. The prevailing prioe at the present tine on yearly contracts is 60 to 65 cents per United States gallon, 'which seems a very high price for a motor fuel. There are so many new plants coming into operation shortly, that in my opinion Benzol will soon come down in prioe.

The Dominion Iron £ Steel Company of Sydney, Nova Sootia is produoing Benzol, and I would suggest that you make inquiries of them. The United States Steol Corporation inthe United States of Ainerioa will soon be producing large quantities. Their Agent is the Barrett Manufacturing Company of now York City.

Recently two inventors have brought out pro oeB sob for oraokinr: heavy crude Betroleum into high grade gasoline. One of these is the Eittman process, about which you may have read in the newspapers. You oan probably obtain information about thiB from the' Seoretary of the American Chemical Society, 48 V/ost 29th Street, New York City. I und er stand the investment required is small.

Yours very trujty.

Oct, Oth. 1915.

Mr. A. H. Woodward, Chairman,

Woodward iron Company,

Woodward, Ala.

My dear Mr. Woodward:

I received your favor, which has been read with much interest. We know you are doing the host you can, hut I could not refrain fro-n passing on to you a little worry, as i am loaded up to the mu?. ale with it hy other interested parties.

Thanks for your letter.

Yours vary truly,



truer ,izt\ October 3, A916

Laboratory of Thomas A. Edison,

Orange, New Jersey.

Gentlemen: attention, of wm. H. lleadoworoft.

-Referring to the matter of the reappraisement of Benzol shipped by the Dominion Iron & Steel Co. for account of -Thomas A. Edison, which shipment: was advanced in value upon entry, we beg to advise, you that we have been vain* trying to secure a reply from Mr. McNaughton of the Dominion Iron & Steel Co. to a letter which we addressed' to Won September Bth, a oopy of which we

enclose "herewith, ~

Will you not use your influence with the Dominion Iron * Steel Co. to secure their co-operation in this matter, as it appears that we. have about exhausted our efforts in this re-


6m j lit*

^ . //, $€ot/twvyi*<*yr

■' ! oO . jV /. A


jl&cjdU- CU 4

&r<wA4 J—'/U&be^' 'kajM

HJZt y&u- '■ jXcu^Ci v.

4 ■AtfrA. fc t.»-'z»1

IS ‘d(d&v%fi. & V 1U‘-

’■ 'Piaffe

Oot. 9th. 1915.

Strauss & Hedges,

12 Broadway,

Hew York City.


I am in receipt of your favor of the eighth instant, whioh I have shown to Mr. Edison. We have telegraphed to Hr. Plummer, the president of the Dominion iron & Steel Company ask¬ ing him to instruot his people to reply to your letter of Sept.

8th. I trust that this matter will reoeive attention.

Mr, Edison thinks that the Dominion people do npt want to answer.' If it were a Canadian Custom Houso matter, they would he compelled to answey, but in this case they are hot, and prob¬ ably they would be only too well, pleased if they were forcibly stopped from shipping-Benzol to him, Mr. Edison is the only one to suffer as he bought the Benzol at a low price. The present price is from fifty to sixty cents and the Dominion Company oould probably sell it in Canada at fifty cents. Therefore, if our Custom .House holds up shipments, the Dominion Company is enabled

to get twice as; muoh for their Benzol, that is to say, fifty cents ' instead of twenty-five cents.

Yours very truly,

Assistant to Mr. Edison.

Tiie Cleveland - cuffs Iron c><>.

i.anh.oiiio. Oct. 9, 1915a.-'' ^



We thank you for your kind favor of the 7th instant giving list of products in our line used in your laboratories and works.

One of the items mentioned I note is Denatured Alcohol which we do not manufacture or handle. You will note by referring again to the list shown on the upper right hand corner of this letterhead that our produot is Denaturing Alcohol, used by the various manu¬ facturers of Ethyl Alcohol as a denaturant.

We shall be interested in hearing further from you as soon as you have the information available as to quantities of the other products you purchase yearly. In advising regarding Acetic And Sulphuric Acid please state grades required.

Very truly yours,


OWT Sales Manager-Chemical Dept,

W r OX'




^tCtdcn-i- _ . ....

'JcL-feaJkju _ ^f,

cut- -ACCC-t-LL

. CL. . .

CclO-Cc, 'f\tn\.\- . _ ^.cUxct-t'L



(d ClA-C-tte^-C,

')\c&>i Lj4 Cist*

/ £ bn-t-s


t& ('**'



htfu e.*,!.

lq oCyhsu^c. .

' 7r,^


.J 3.4.0.,

/...& c , , ,

c”i i^hCL ! o ~i


^5 «?<Xy

•3 o &cll^<


& clllc. Cl _ Cc~>v(-r-CLC'( 'll- f-t.tr

LiS'L/tf, hx-oU tec fre*- ^C/W ^ ^/(Cj

^ icji(p «,t -jo e.c^er '&' -Kj ^ .

- . . v^T*''^

r^CeuCii . /a _A.ci.Ci. /lC-o

■CLc.l.c. /d /Stic. <hr /6,\,a /

t^L£- CM.CLilf^S4j .jjCcLU,tr I'CLlA CL^f-CL i

<^j.e rtd O. 0’?tr^cA*i4*r

'^■cCx.^iac^C- ItLL.CujH^t,^

&<* Hjtf



. tee-

Oot. 11th. 1916.

Mr. John J. Caine,

1413 North American. Bldg.,

Philadelphia., Pa.

Dear Sir:

Referring to your favor of the second instant, X would say that we use large quantities of oast iron borings.

They are very fine, almost like coarse fil¬ ings. If your’ s are suoh, I should be glad to have a Bample. Please Bend it to my Assistant, Mr. TT. H. Meadoworoft, at this address. I should be glad to have you name a price, P. 0. B. Silver Lake, N. J. on the basis of 100 tons a month.

Tours very truly,

Oot- Xlth. 1915

Mallinakrodt Chomioal Works,

St. Louis, Mo.


I ora In receipt of your favor of tho fifth instant in regard to Aootanilia. 1 would Bay in reply that we do not like to manufacture this material as we have great difficulty in getting (Jlaoial Acetic Acid, and arc afraid to enter into a.fjontraot for next year. Are you in position to supply Glaoial Acetic Acid for next year, aril if so at what price.

Yours very truly,

October llth-1915

Mr .Meadoworof t suoject Re-Cost of Products.

Mr .Thomas A. Edison,

Orange, II. J.

Dear Sir:-

Following shows cost of our products in addi¬ tion to those given in our letter of Sept. 50th-

Hiokel Sul- Hi Cobalt Sul- Cobalt

phate Crystals Hydrate phate Crystals Hydrate

Raw Material .08285 .2554 .45096 1.15483

Direct labor .00470 .0101 ' .00470 .01010

Mfg .Expense .004578 .0415 .003642’ .04150

Overhead Expense .015964 .0383 .014213 .03830

Total Cost .106092 .3453 .473515 1.24473

Profit 20$ .021218 .0691 .094705 .24895

Selling Value §'.12731 74154 .56822 ' ' 1.49368

These prices do not include packing and shipping. Very truly yours,



P.S. These costs for cobalt compounds are based oh labor. ooBt for niokel hydrate.


Dear Sir:

thank you for your furor of dot. 8th, - «r. oorry to „o« that you cannot offer u. Ahll.ISE OIL over the entlr. year 1018. «. could u.o

the quantity oo apeclfled, hut note thot oe cannot obtain It. No., ho. .uoh con .o get in equal .onthly qu.utltloo orer nett yearl

cannot pay «<* per pound, thi. 1. the .oiling price of e,ery- ^ body, and .. have to poke ...ethlng on the tron.aotlon. » can pay M*. or oven per pound for It, your ter.., hut .0 can't give «*. ^

can give u. a chance to oak. a living on the tron.octlon, .0 .111 ho glad to take .hatovor quantity you can glv. u. In regular .onthly dellv.rle. over (

_ , i , \ -

next year/0>CMk>*

Awaiting your valued reply,, we remain.

"Woodward Iron Company A Vo onwAJtD , Alabama.

o 4^

October 12, 1915*


Mr. Thomas A.

Orange, N. J.

My dear Mr. Edison:

I have your letter of October 8th,

I assure you that I wish it was possible to take on my shoulders all the worry your Woodward plant is giving you, but I know nothing about the benzol business.

You are getting on ample supply of water running under 68 degrees, but your plant is not turning out the stuff. 1 hope you can send someone down here who can teach us this business, end if you can, I do not think we will worry you a great deal in the future.

Thanking you for your letter, and with best wishes, I am, Yours truly,




East Orange, N. J.

Gentlemen; -

We are in need of a supply of Carbolic Aoid Crystals for ubs in

this Hospital hut find same difficult to obtain at this time and there- -fore write to inquire if you oan now or in the near future furnish us with the ah owe.

Our requirements of Carbolic Aoid are ahout—Efve (5)_lbB. per week, and are for purely medical use, {'that is not commercial^

We would like to have your price on Fif£y (50) lbs. of this drug delivered E. 0. B. N. J. State Hospital./Trenton, N. J.

Anything that you oan do to assis^us in obtaining a rejjhlar sup- -ply of the foregoing at as low a/sost as possible will be very much


Warden* « <s* A


Cambria. Steel Company


JoHNSTOWN.PA. Oct. 13,1915.

Hr. W. H. Mason,

laboratory of Thomas A. Edison,

Orange, N. J.

Dear Sir:-

Pardon my delay in acknowledging your letter of October 4th forwarding blue prints showing proposed Naphthaline Sub- limer. We have not yet erected this apparatus but doubtless will soon do so, and will give you the privilege of using it in conjunction with our own operation.

Please accept my thanks for this information.

Very truly yours.


Chief Engineer.

V/e have your kind favor ,of the 8th inst., and note cauBe of delay In replying to our inquiry for Naphthalene .

We onoe more ask you to refer to our letter of September 11th, with reference to our charge against you of $131.43. Of this amount you have already credited us £30.00 for the drums, hut you have not credited, us with the material returned, and which amounts to $89.43.

As previously advised we do not want to make this deduction without your authority, although it seems perfectly in order to us to charge you for the value of Phenol we returned to you.

We would kindly once more request that you advise us regarding this, to enable us to balance your account.


Arthur H. Lymn.


Sanctuary House, < Westminster,

I Jr. Thomas A. Edison, OHAHGE,


Hear Sir,


London, s.vr.


S. A.




A^sf ts~


--any thanks for your letter of the 28th.

Apparently 1 have been under impression

about this matter, having keen informed when in Aisfefica that you were operating a special process of your own which required a considerable amount of power; I gather' from your letter however, that this is not the case,, and that you are working on the well known process whioh in¬ volves the sulphonat ion of the Benzol, conversion into Calcium Salts and then into the Sodium Salt with a later Caustic fusion of the Sodium Salt and the liberation of the Phenol by acidulation.

Of course this process has been in operation in Germany for considerable time, but X do not know where it is working in England. This however is not surprising since it is difficult to keep track of the large amount of new plant of one kind and another built during the last year. Could you therefore kindly tell me the name of the firm v/ho are operating this process here ?

Thanking you beforehand.


(Enlara, (Eljpmtrala, (Ma an& fflitu'ral f rniutrta

99 John and 11-18 Cliff Streets


NEW YORI£0/15/15

fhomas A. Edison, Esq.,

Orange, I!.J.

hear °ir;-

The Firestone l'ire & Eubher Co. of Akron, Ohio are complaining bitterly about not receiving sufficient Aniline Oil against contract to meet their requirements.

While I understood with the additional reduction pot you installed and had in operation by the first, you would be able to make a satisfactory showing in the way of catching up on bock deliveries, I do- not notice any improvement in shipments to Firestone, and in order to plan the proper operation of the department ih which this material is used they insist upon knowing approximately how many drums per week you oan ship to them from now on until the completion of their contract.

Please let me have this information the earliest possible moment so I oan answer the Firestone Co's inquiry.

Please note, according to orders you accepted from me for Aniline Oil and schedule of deliveries furnished you v/ere to ship to me here 11 drums as per my -letter of July 2nd, on account of which you have only thus far sent me 5 large and one small drum.

At this writing, I am in urgent want of one drum to oomnlote shipment on steamer leaving here next _

(Enlnra, Qlljmtrala, ©tla attii mineral frohtris

99 John anh 11-18 Cljfp Streets


Wednesday and would ask you please to arrange with your Aniline plaint to ship this drum tomorrow or not later than Uonday morning so that I will receive same on (Tuesday in time to deliver to steamer on that date.

Trusting you will comply with this request, and awaiting your advicesj^irestone business, I am S? re .^igc): fsa-ly.,^


Mr. A. M. Kennedy,

Orange, H.J Doar Mr. Kennedy:

Your letter of the 9th to Miss Qlara has just been shown us. We will appreciate it if yon will secure for us at once a drum of Carbolic Acid, Crystals, and ship promptly. If you con possibly get us a price of *1.00, wo of course will appreciate it. Our stock of Carbolic Acid is running low, in fact, about exhausted. We therefore trust that you can get the shipment out promptly.

We are today writing the liberty Motional Bank of Hew York to honor draft to cover the purchase. He suppose you give 1 $

for cash.

With best wishes, beg to remain,

%o//J~ A(: J?: ‘Mil't'y /@V ^A-fi