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PART Il (1887-1898)

Thomas E. Jeffrey

Microfilm Editor é Gregory Field Mary Ann Hellrigel i . Theresa M. Collins Paul B. Israel David W. Hutchings Robert A. Rosenberg Lisa Gitelman Karen A. Detig Leonard DeGraaf Gregory Jankunis Dennis D. Madden Douglas G. Tarr , Editors Reese V. Jenkins

Director and Editor

Sponsors Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site New Jersey Historical Commission 1 Smithsonian Institution

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Edison signature used with permission of McGraw-Edison Company.

eae RE rc a eS Ae DE srg att eS et oie eA ee

Thomas A. Edison Papers at Rutgers, The State University endorsed by National Historical Publications and Records Commission 18 June 1981

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The original documents in this edition are from the archives at the Edison National Historic Site at West Orange, New Jersey.

ISBN 0-89093-702-8.

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A Note on the Sources

The pages which have been filmed are the best copies available. Every technical effort possible has been made to ensure legibility.


Reel duplication of the whole orof. = any part of this film is prohibited. Poe In lieu of transcripts, however, __

enlarged photocopies of selected items contained on these reels ou _may be made in order to facilitate oper _research. a

Kennelly Notebook #7

This notebook covers the period December 1892-November 1893. It contains transcriptions by Arthur E. Kennelly of material from the rough record books used by experimenters in the Galvanometer Room. There are notes, drawings, tables, and calculations regarding a variety of electrical experiments, including tests of meters, alternators, induction coils, transformers, batteries, and rheostats. In addition, there are extensive notes relating to motors for the phonograph, the kinetograph, and street cars and notes concerning replies by numerous central stations to inquiries from the Committee on Lightning Protection and the Committee on Grounding the Neutral of the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies. Also included is material pertaining to the technical and commercial development of the Niagara hydroelectric power system, conductor determinations, impedance and induction, and the electromagnetic properties of iron and steel, along with theoretical notes on physics, electricity, and mathematics. At the end of the book is a subject index (filmed at the beginning of the book). The front cover is marked "VII" and "1892-Dec 3rd 1893-Nov." The book contains 85 numbered pages. Some pages were removed before the book was paginated. Numerous graphs and other items have been pasted into the book.

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